I failed to reply to those that inbox me on how I make enough cash via blogging. I want to make the post publicly for it, therefore, everybody is entitled for or will learn.
Stop shouting scam when you see someone making hundreds of dollars via AdSense, every business has its own secrete.
I have four main strategies I used to earn enough cash from my blog:
1 Google News
2 AdSense
3 Donation
4 Opera news feed
1) Google News: many bloggers are focusing on how to rank 1 or first page on Google and put all the effort on SEO. It’s good though, but that is not my priority, I focus on Google News and archived it.
For example:
Google news pays higher than Adsense
Google news pays $0.01 per single visitor (impression)
Google news visitor doesn’t use AdBlock
They are naturally and potential visitors and countless benefits.
*Why struggling to rank well for search engine while I have many another alternatives* if you think it’s lie.. ask financial team of premium time, vanguardngr, Dailypost, Saharareporter, how much they make via Google news.
2) AdSense: some bloggers believe once they get Adsense ads showing on thier blog, cash will start to flow. Mr. Man, it doesn’t work like that, you content speak for you. I choose a niche that doesn’t pay high but pay well.
For example:
Tech niche: you write on how to develop websites, but believe me, 50% of your visitors uses AdBlock. If Tech niche pulls 20k visitors and earn $30, my niche with 20k visitors will earn $50, reason: most my visitors doesn’t know what ads is all about.
3) Donation: I setup papal support donation widget, those people that love my contents and feel good to support what I’m giving them make donations. Some even activate monthly donation as a support and love.
4) Opera news feed: though opera mini is not yet to pay but I’m getting thousand of traffics from them, though most of their visitors use AdBlock but few that don’t give a good clicks.
There are many other ways one can earn from blogging. That it takes you 1year to reach $100, there are people that make that in a day. That you never earn from blogging won’t make you to see those making it as a scammer.
Don’t copy my tactics, learn from it, think out yours and work on it.

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