Make Money Online Playing Games

Making money online is now a common goal for many people. To make money online playing games is one of the things that you can easily do as a side hustle. It doesn’t matter what type of game you play or how often you play it — there are ways to profit from your gaming habits by monetizing them.

If you have a love for video games, especially those that involve strategy and problem-solving, then it could be an ideal way for you to make money online. Whether it’s casual or hardcore, playing video games can be a fun way to make some extra cash as well as build up new skills that could help in other areas of life too. Here are the 9 Ways To Make Money Online Playing Games.

make money online playing games
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Running Casual Games To Make Money Online Playing GamesAs A Freemium User T.

Casual games are those that are designed to be played in very short bursts. They are designed to be played in 5-minute blocks, although some players may be able to play many games at once for longer periods as well. Freemium games are games that are free to download and play.

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However, some features can be unlocked with in-game purchases. It’s important when playing casual games that you are not spending too much money on them. It’s easy to buy more “lives” or coins with which you can get extra help in the game or skip a level — but that can quickly add up to a lot of money spent.

One way you can make money online playing games is by becoming a freemium user. This is where you download and play a game, but don’t spend any money on in-game purchases.

You can then write reviews of the game, telling other players what your experience was like and how you got on without spending money.

Writing Reviews For Video Game Companies To Make Money Online Playing Games

Writing reviews for video game companies is a great way to make money online. There are many different websites that specialize in reviews of both new and old games. These websites often have a “contact us” page where you can send your idea for a review.

You can also contact the owner of the website directly. If there are no reviews for a particular game you can email the website and suggest one. You may have to write a sample review to show the editor what your review would look like, but many companies are willing to pay for reviews.

Video game companies often commission reviews of their games. They want to know if they are getting good reviews and if they are missing out on any games they should be putting out. You can take a look at what video game companies are out there and see which ones you’re interested in reviewing.

Produce Videos About Games You Like

If you enjoy creating videos, you can use your love of gaming as inspiration for creating tutorials and walkthroughs on games you like. Create video tutorials that walk players through completing levels or help them find all the hidden items in a game.

Also, you can create walkthroughs that show gamers how to complete difficult sections of a game so they don’t have to keep dying and restarting over and over. You can upload your videos to YouTube and monetize them with Google AdSense.

You can also use a video hosting website, such as Wistia, that lets you put a “buy now” link in the video. This is especially useful if you create a walkthrough that shows gamers how to beat a particularly difficult part of a game. They can simply click the “buy now” link and purchase the in-game items they need to finish the level.

You can also sell your gaming videos on a website like Sellfy or Gumroad.

Help Companies Find Bugs While Playing

If you enjoy playing games that have a lot of bugs, you can make money online playing games as companies find the bugs. This is often done with games that are being developed and are in beta testing. You can sign up for sites like BugCrowd, a site where you take surveys and then play games to find bugs and problems.

You can also use a site like Clickworker to make money online playing games by completing tasks. These sites often pay per task, not per hour, so you can choose how much you want to work each week.

Create and Sell Game Guides

When we talk about how to make money online playing games, it’s not only limited to playing the games alone. If you get really good at a game, you can create a full walkthrough and sell it as a guide. Many companies want to create guides for their games, but they often don’t have the resources or time to create them. You can create a full walkthrough guide for a particular game, either one that you’re really good at or one that you’ve completed a full play through of.

Again, you can then sell the guide online to gamers who want to get through the game quickly or want to find all the hidden items. You can sell your guide on a website like Etsy or on a website like Gumroad. Alternatively, you can submit your guide to gaming websites and ask if they would be willing to publish it.

You can also create cheat guides for games as well, particularly older games. Cheat guides tell gamers exactly what commands to type into the game to get items or unlock levels. You can sell these guides on Amazon or another online retailer.

Build a Games Programming Skill

Aside knowing how to make money online playing games, If you have a programming skill, such as for building apps, you can apply it to building games. There are many companies that offer the chance to make money through building games. You can apply to these sites and be sent tasks that you need to build with your programming skill.

This is often done through freelance work or through sites like Upwork and Freelancer. You can also join a site like Code Crew, where you can complete programming tasks online.

Market Apps for Games Playing Companies

In addition to your ability to make money online playing games, many companies that make games also make apps. You can apply to these companies and be sent tasks. You can share links to their apps in your social media posts, and if any of your followers clicks through, the company pays you a commission. Also you can join a site like Appollo, where you can complete tasks for marketing companies.

Participate In Marketing Research Studies

Many companies conduct research studies that pay participants for participating. However, many of these are invitation only. You can sign up for websites like InboxDollars where companies invite you to participate in their research studies. You usually have to participate in several studies to earn a significant amount of money.

Become A Games Tester

If you enjoy playing games, but you don’t have the skills to build them or the programming knowledge to fix them, you can become a game tester and you can actually make money online playing games. You can sign up for sites like UserTesting. There are many other sites like it that pay you to play games and share your thoughts on them. You can also sign up for sites like Testbirds, where you play games and complete surveys based on your experiences.


There are many ways to make money online playing video games. You can monetize your skills while having fun. Playing games can be a great way to relax and unwind. If you find a way to make money while doing it, it can be even more rewarding. Playing games is a great way to build skills and earn money at the same time.

If you love video games, you can make money online playing games. With more and more people playing games on their phones and computers, there are plenty of new games to be released every year. And with a growing number of people using their mobile devices to stream games, there are more game opportunities than ever before.

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