In this article, we shall be giving all details you need to know about the Fully Funded DAAD Scholarship Germany, its eligibility criteria, coverage, as well as the detailed application process, I urge you to read each paragraph of this post to avoid skipping important details and I promise to give all the important details you need to get this scholarship.

DAAD Scholarship Germany 2023-2024 is a rare opportunity no international student will take if for granted. This fully funded scholarship allows you to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D at the famous universities in Germany.

DAAD Scholarship Germany

If you’re interested in sustainable development and making a difference in your home country, this scholarship is for you. The DAAD generally believes that trained experts  with international connections are key to creating a better future for all.

The scholarship covers monthly payments of 860 euros for graduates or 1,200 euros for those on Ph.D programs. It’s available to foreign graduates from development and newly industrialized countries from all disciplines. You’ll be able to take a postgraduate or Master’s degree at a state or state-recognized German university, and in some cases, even obtain a doctoral degree. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and take the first step towards your future!

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Quick Details For The DAAD Scholarship Germany:

  • Scholarship Institution: DAAD
  • Country of Study: Germany
  • Level of Study: Masters and  Ph.D
  • Eligible Courses:
  1. Medicine, Health Sciences
  2. Engineering and Natural Sciences
  3. Mathematics, Natural Sciences
  4. Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  5. Economic Sciences, Law
  6. Art, Design
  7. Humanities and Social Sciences
  8. Language and Cultural Studies
  • Duration of program: Varies per program, normally from 1 to 3 years
  • The deadline varies per program, click her for more info.

Benefits Of DAAD Scholarship Germany

  • Payments range from 860 euros per month for graduates to 1,200 euros per month for Ph.D candidates, academic level.
  • Allowance for travel, unless the cost is paid by the home nation or another financial source.
    payments for personal liability, health, and accident insurance.
  • A one-time research grant.
  • The following extra perks may be granted to scholarship holders in specific situations.
  1. Contribution for any possible university tuition expenses (up to €500 each term).
  2. Retal subsidy.

Are You Eligible For DAAD Scholarship Germany?

To be eligible for DAAD Scholarship Germany, the following criteria must be met:

  • Countries Eligible: The following countries are eligible
  • Eligible Language(s): English or German Language, also a TOEFL or IELTS score or other proof of your proficiency in English is typically required, a German language certificate, such as DSH or TestDaF, is typically necessary.
  • Candidates hold a Bachelor’s degree in a four-year program or a Master’s degree in a relevant field.
  • A prior professional working experience of at least 2 years minimum is needed from applicants.
  • As a candidate, your motivation towards development is crucial and showcases your dedication to making a positive difference in society. Your scholarship will enable you to take on more significant responsibilities, initiate and support changes in both your personal and professional lives. These changes will not only benefit you but also your community. you are required to show that you are committed to social responsibility and ready to make a lasting impact on the world.

Detailed Application Process For DAAD Scholarship Germany 2023

Below is the detailed application process for DAAD scholarship please pay attention;

  • First you are required to submit a signed application form on their official website; Download template here
  • Attach your CV to the application form, let the CV bear the correct date; see template here
  • Your personal two pages letter of motivation bearing the correct date making references to your present occupation and preferred postgraduate program(s). You can apply up to three courses (maximum) but while applying to more than one postgraduate degree , you must submit a single motivation letter outlining your reasons for selecting these particular courses as your top priorities.
  • You are required to provide a letter of recommendation from your present employer; the letter must bear company letterhead, be officially stamped and signed, not sealed envelope.
  • Present a certificate(s) of employment from your employer(s) attesting to at least two years of relevant work experience (after the bachelor’s degree) at the time of application, as well as, a promise that your present employer will continue hiring you when you return home.


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