Fully Funded PhD Programs in USA for International Students 2024

Every year, foreign students travel to the USA to pursue PhD programs and start prosperous careers. America serves as a hub for education for international students, offering advantages including access to a variety of cultures, travel, recreational opportunities, sports, and dining experiences, as well as dorms on campuses, private housing, banking services, PhD scholarships in the USA, financial aid, and more.

Fully Funded PhD Programs in USA for International Students

Because doctoral/PhD studies are so demanding, many are unable to balance their coursework with part-time jobs. Thus, it is preferable to receive assistance through grants, fellowships, or scholarships. Let’s reveal the list of PhD scholarships available in the USA to non-US citizens.

  • International Fellowship of AAUW

This is one of the oldest fellowships available, offering much-needed assistance to American women who are pursuing doctoral degrees.

Important aspects of this scholarship consist of:

A stipend of $20,000.
English language proficiency is required.
coverage for the majority of US colleges’ nearly full PhD tuition

  • Aga Khan International Scholarship

International students from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East can apply for scholarships from it. International fellowships for PhD programs are covered by the Aga Khan Scholarship.

Important aspects of this scholarship consist of:

Variable stipend amount
Minimum age requirement of thirty years
Need for money
Outstanding academic record and acceptance into a reputable PhD program

  • American-Scandinavian Scholarship

International Scandinavian students residing in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland who are enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in the United States are eligible for this grant.

Important aspects of this scholarship consist of:

$23,000 as a stipend
rudimentary knowledge of English
submission of a biographical essay, a CV or resume, undergraduate, graduate, and academic credentials, as well as three LORs

  • Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Program

Asian overseas students are financially supported by this scholarship. You can verify which nations are listed by visiting the official website.

Important aspects of this scholarship consist of:

Variable stipend amount
PhD candidates in the humanities or arts
submitting a resume along with a minimum of fifteen samples of work

  • Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowship

The Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowship
The Leakey Foundation is funding this fellowship for international students from impoverished nations. It offers foreign fellowships for doctoral programs that are recognized.

Important aspects of this scholarship consist of:

A stipend of $15,000 per year
Applicants with backgrounds in paleoanthropology, primatology, prehistory, and related sciences
a plan to get back home once the course is over

Advice on How to Apply for USA PhD Scholarships in 2023

Explore the university website for suitable scholarship opportunities. They may direct you to the scholarship applications or make notice of the ones that are available.

Be ready ahead of time because several scholarships include formal interviews or passing exams such as the TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Remain determined because not all universities will grant scholarships based solely on need. In other circumstances, consideration may be given to the applicant’s academic record or application.

Differentiate yourself from the competition by demonstrating your interest in extracurricular activities or community service, demonstrating your leadership abilities, providing support for your academic and personal traits through a recommendation letter, etc.

Carefully review the guidelines for applying for a scholarship, then send in an essay, cover letter, or personal statement detailing your PhD research, aspirations for your career, etc.

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