Fully Funded Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024

Stay in the USA and finish your education. Good news updates! The Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship is currently accepting applications. In this essay, we will go into great detail about this fellowship, its benefits, and the detailed application process.

Full funding is available for the Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024–2025, which is intended for international students. The grant is only available for postdoctoral studies. In addition to living expenditures for necessities like food, the fellowship funds also cover the cost of a short-term furnished rental apartment.

Scholars, journalists, leaders of civil society, and advocates for democracy from around the globe can come to Washington, D.C. for five months to work at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) conducting independent research on democracy in a particular country or region through this federally funded international exchange program.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Fellowship payments are calculated to cover cost of a short-term, furnished rental apartment, plus “cost of living” for food, local transportation, and other necessities.
  • Each fellow receives a monthly stipend for living expenses, plus basic health insurance and round-trip travel to and from Washington, D.C., at the beginning and end of the fellowship period.
  • Fellows are provided with a fully equipped office, plus a limited budget for long-distance phone calls and professional travel within the United States.
  • Please note that fellows who wish to bring family members with them to Washington, D.C., will be expected to cover the costs of their dependents’ round-trip travel and stay within the United States

Qualification Criteria For Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellowship

  • Language Requirement: Prove your command of the English language.
    All nations across the world are eligible.
  • Make a project proposal that focuses on the legal, cultural, political, social, or economic facets of democratic growth.
  • Be available to work for the five-month fellowship period (October 1-February 28 or March 1-July 31) as an in-residence employee of the International Forum for Democratic Studies in Washington, D.C. There are currently no fellowships or positions available.
  • Candidates for the practitioner track should: Possess a significant amount of real-world experience advancing human rights or democracy in their home or desired nation.
  • Enter a mid-career professional stage.
  • Applicants choosing the scholarly track ought to: At the time of application, hold a doctorate (Ph.D. or an academic equivalent).
  • own an established track record of writing in their field.
  • have created a thorough research plan specifically for their fellowship assignment.
  • Fellows who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States must obtain a J-1 exchange visiting visa prior to their arrival in the United States. Family members traveling with you need to apply for a J-2 visa.
  • Recipients of Reagan-Fascell fellowships are not permitted to have taken part in a J-1 research scholar program in the 24 months prior to the fellowship.
  • Under U.S. law, fellows sponsored on our J-1 visas must usually return to their home country for two years after the fellowship ends before they can apply for a H visa, a L visa, or permanent residency.

How to Apply for Reagan Fascell Democracy

Prior to submitting an application for the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship, you must register on the website. Following account setup, the application process needs you to submit:

Applicant information.

Project proposal for the Scholarly Fellowship Track or the Practitioner Track.

letters of recommendation.

CV and biographical sketch.

Please use English while submitting any application materials.

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