How to make money online by writing

Making money online by writing is possible, but it’s not easy. There are plenty of writers out there who are also struggling to make ends meet. But, being a writer doesn’t mean that you can’t make money online doing what you love. You just have to know where to look and how to approach the problem from different angles.

It might sound like an impossible task, but once you understand some of the options available to you, your brain will start whirring with ideas on how to monetize your writing skills. Working as a freelance writer can be lucrative, but it isn’t straightforward.

There are many considerations when deciding whether this is the right path for you. However, if you feel strongly about writing and are willing to dedicate time and energy into developing your career as a writer in return for financial remuneration, then read on…

How to make money online by writing

What is writing?

Writing is the act of creating written works, including both fiction and non-fiction. Many people have the misconception that only novels and short stories fall under the category of “writing.” However, the definition is much broader and includes things like poems, plays, essays, and news articles.

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The ability to write is useful for a variety of purposes, and it is generally regarded as a skill that is beneficial to society in many ways. Writing can take on many forms, from creative works like novels and poetry to research papers and technical writing such as instruction manuals and memos.


Blogging is a great way to start making money online and build your brand as a writer. If you are passionate about a niche, there are thousands of blogs out there in the same field. The idea is to create a blog that readers want to read and comment on.

The more engagement you can generate, the more advertisers will want to pay you to promote their services or products. Blogs are a great way to find work online, too. If you choose to create a freelance blog, you’ll build a portfolio of published work that potential clients can see.

If you choose to open a revenue-sharing blog, you’ll build a following of readers that will stay with you as you grow your business.

Freelance Writing Jobs

There are many websites that are looking for freelance writers and will pay you for your content. The challenge is finding the right platform for you. You will need to understand your strengths as a writer.

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Are you a factual writer? Are you more creative and love to write fiction? Are you a professional blogger? Dashing Writers is a platform that connects writers with clients and offers a wide range of genres for writers to choose from, including health and wellness, travel, technology, and business.

If you want to focus on health, wellness, and fitness, check out Healthline. This site offers both blog and article opportunities. For travel-related content, you can visit Contentmart. If you are a creative writer and like to write fiction, you can try and ZAG Writing.

Company writing jobs

There are also several websites that specialize in finding companies that are looking for professional writers. If you are more comfortable working for a company, these websites can help you find the right fit. Pro blogger Job Board is one platform that can help you find both blogging and freelance writing jobs.

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For those looking for non-blog writing work, Craigslist can be a great source of company writing jobs. You can search for “writing jobs” in your city or find a location that has a high amount of companies, such as New York or Los Angeles.

Writing Instructional Content and Marketing copy

If you have a good command of the English language and enjoy writing marketing copy, this can be a great opportunity for you. Many companies will outsource their content creation to freelancers, who can help create marketing copy for their products.

SitePoint Forums has a Marketplace where you can find work. For marketing copy, you can visit Guru. You can also try HubSpot’s marketing copywriter platform.

Advertisements and Sponsored Posts

Another way to make money writing online is through advertisements and sponsored posts. This is a great option if you are just getting started in the blogging world. Ad networks allow you to write sponsored posts (posts that contain links to products/services, but aren’t strictly advertisements), and they also make it easy to get paid. There are several different networks you can join, each with different types of opportunities.

Find writing gigs on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the places where you can get freelance writing jobs, but it is worth noting that it isn’t always straightforward. You will need to up your game in order to make the most of this platform.

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You can find other freelance writing opportunities on Craigslist, but it takes some effort to track them down. To find these gigs, you’ll need to search for keyword phrases like “writing jobs.”

You can also use the search function to narrow down your location, category, and keywords. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this is a very open marketplace, so you’ll need to be careful with your approach.

Write and sell e-books

If you are more of a fiction writer, you can make money online by writing and selling e-books. Getting published traditionally is hard, but self-publishing e-books is easier than ever. You can sell your books through Amazon Kindle or BookBaby.

Alternatively, you can use sites like Wattpad where you can publish your stories and get feedback from readers. You can also use your stories as content for your blog or create audios or videos. If you want to make money with e-books, you should consider what people want to read. You can also create your own course or use your expertise in your niche. This way, you can create something that is worth more than just a one-off product.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money online by writing. If you are passionate about your craft, it won’t be long before you start earning money online. The key is to explore what opportunities are available to you and find the one that best matches your skillset and interests. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to making money as a writer. And, with luck, you’ll find the process enjoyable along the way too.

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