This is the 5th Time that I have used my ID to verify AdSense account without having the pin in my post office. How is this done?

First of all, make sure that you have requested 4 times. After, go to learn more at your verification section.
Scroll down and go to pin troubleshooter..

Confirm that it your mail..

Click on no I have not received my pin.

A page will pop up for you to fill your details.

Now, make sure that you have your ID converter in document form and upload the file. Make sure that your publisher ID is fully added..
When done, click on submit
You will get 2 mails in your Gmail. the first one will inform you that you have submitted the file..
The second mail will indicate that your account has been verified..

All the best…
Verify Your AdSense without pin
For those who have sent more than 4 pins and are yet to receive any, here is the link you can use to verify your AdSense without pin.
For your account to be Eligible you need to have exhausted all your pin request, And it has also reached 30 days since you sent the last pin.
1. Make sure you are logged in on a browser.
2. Paste the following url in the address bar
3. Fill your name as it appears on the account.
4. Fill your publisher ID.
5. Upload your well snapped or scanned valid ID.
NOTE: you must use the same Id used during identify verification.
You account would be verified within 30 minutes.

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