There’s a lot to figure out when you’re starting a blog. What will you write about? How will you set up your website? And once you figure that out, how will people will find you?

It can be complicated and overwhelming to think about. Especially when you’re brand new and don’t completely understand everything. But the secret to blogging is a lot simpler than all of that. The secret to blogging is that you have to start.

That’s it.

There are so many people out there that could have changed their world. That could have built a business that would better their family finances and reduce their stress with a better work/life balance. But they didn’t. They never took the initial step that would put them on that path.

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I know exactly how that feels. I remember what it’s like to feel like there’s no way this is going to work or that this is just like the time I took up scrap-booking or my new fitness routine and then dropped it in a week. It’s incredibly hard to make a commitment to change something. The excuses and reasons to put it off come fast and furious…

“It’s not the right time, it’s too confusing, I’m horrible with technology and have no idea how to even set up a website, I don’t have the time to sit down and research this, and I don’t have the money to buy a course right now.”

So they put it off and think, “When life calms down, I’m going to take the time and figure this out.” Here’s the deal guys, life doesn’t calm down, ever. It’s one thing after another.

If you do not create the time and make your dreams happen, they never will.

When I started my blog, I was running a home daycare and working fifty hours a week. I was completely exhausted, still trying to keep up with my house and trying to have some semblance of a social life.

The thing is, I wanted this blog. I wanted to make blogging work for me, so I did it anyway, despite all the obstacles. It sucked sometimes, it really did. It was stressful at times and then it wasn’t. Because of this blog my life is so much easier right now.

I get to work at home. I got to bring my husband home, so he can help me around the house and help me take care of the kids. And, we get to spend so much more time with our kids now that we’re home. I get to build my life, every day the way I want it.

I wake up early (because I’m totally a morning person) and I work from about 8 am to 12 pm Monday-Friday and then I’m done.

I get to work out every single day and spend time at the gym. I take vacations, I get to go to all of the school events and soccer games, and not gonna lie… I spend more time in bubble baths than anyone with two kids should be able to. And none of this would have been possible, if I hadn’t actually started the blog.

Here’s the thing… all of the things that you’re worried about are no big deal.

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Most things I can solve for you in a few hours. We have a Blog Starter Workbook that eliminates EVERY obstacle to starting a blog. What to write about, how to set up your site… the tech stuff… everything!

The only thing that I can’t fix for you is the motivation to start right now, today. Not Monday, not tomorrow, not next week, not after the holidays… but right now. If you can do that right now, then I can do my part and get rid of all the other obstacles in your way.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed, this isn’t that hard, and it’s definitely not as hard as it is in your head. The problem is you don’t know what to do. You don’t know what needs to be done now, you don’t know what needs to be done next, and you don’t have time to research all the options.

Well guys, I’m a blogger who started 3 years ago and reached full- time income within 10-months and then grew to the point where this blog supports my entire family and employees.

I already know what you need to do, and I can lay it out for you step-by-step.

If you don’t have enough time or money to take a course, then I can help. Because you don’t need a course to get started. We have a workbook that will walk you through starting a blog step-by-step. Not only that, but I’m holding a flash sale to get it for $12 because I know that you need this. I know that you need this, and I know that this is the thing that’s going to drive you to action.

In the Blog StarterWorkbook, everything is laid out in step-by-step order, so you don’t have to think about it, and you don’t have to work ahead. You’re going to do the assignments exactly as I give them to you. You don’t need to know anything going into this except that you want to start a blog.

You don’t need to know your blog name.

You don’t need to know your blog topic.

You don’t need to know what niche you’re going to be in.

You don’t need to know what you’re going to write about.

This is the moment. This is your day. Get out there and seize it. 

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